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HP LaserJet II Restoration

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Laser printer restorations can be challenging. See some of the challenges you might face, and solutions for them, as we restore this HP LaserJet II.

I tucked this Vintage HP LaserJet II away about 15 years ago and have not touched it since. Now that it has passed its 30th birthday I thought it would be fun to get her up and running again.

Documenting Vintage Printer Restoration for the Future

Since I don't see a lot of retro computing videos that feature printers, I thought this would be a good subject for our first RavenWolf Retro Tech project.

I saved an oddball collection of NoS parts and a couple toner cartridges so it should be doable (Although a 20-year-old old toner cartridge is likely to have issues). The video above shows the process in fixing the feeding issues. and getting a test page to print.

Fixing the Print Quality

Fixing the toner cartridge ended up being a greater challenge than the printer. It took a couple weeks of searching to find a donor cartridge for parts to fix the original HP one I had on hand. This short video documents the process.

Noisy Bits

The prints were great but the squeaks and groans had to go

After fixing the print quality issues I am turning my sights on the noisy fan and printer mechanisms. I need to clean and lubricate the lower case fan along with numerous gears in the printers feed systems. I expect to publish this video by the end of February, 2020.

Finding Parts

Finding parts for old printers can be a challenge. I can suggest a few places to look:

  • Picking up extra machines for parts is often the least expensive

  • eBay can have some parts, depending on the model

  • I see some websites selling parts but have yet to try them

  • Try calling smaller, local, service companies as they often have old parts

It is often easier to find parts by the part number. As I restore old printers I will add lists of common parts, such as this post of common HP LaserJet II, IID, III, IIID & Apple LaserWriter II parts.

Error Codes

Error codes on early printers are just a cryptic number. Solving these issues can be tough without the error information so we have created a list of common error codes for you to use.

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