Issue 1, April 1992

E.S.A.U.G. Newsletter

Eugene Springfield Amiga Users Group

Issue 2, May 1992

With this, 2nd issue we started to get our stride with a page length increase from 24 to 32 pages. This issue contains plenty of content including articles on Virus', Archival programs, a review of Might and Magic III along with disk content listing for a number of Fred Fish disks as well as our own library. You will see a few highlighter marks I made back in the day and please ignore all phone numbers, the numbers inside are no longer valid, that includes my old number.

This was the inaugural issue of the ESAUG newsletter. Published by the Eugene-Springfield Amiga Users group in Oregon. I will re-publish another issue each month until the 11 hard-copy issues I have are exhausted. I am in the process of restoring the Amiga 3000 these were produced on so, if there are more issues and I can recover them then more will follow.

This issue was a bit of a prototype. I had a couple blank "advertiser" pages and did not have a publish date. It's been in my attic for almost 30 years so I am not even certain this one was distributed to members.

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