Tektronix 453A (1972)

Commodore 64

Commodore 64


Osborne Executive (1984)

Telegraph Repeater

Telegraph Repeater

Weston Kilowatt Meter

Weston Kilowatt Meter (1916)

Lucky Strike Geiger Counter

Lucky Strike Geiger Counter

Check Embossers

Vintage Check Embossers

Gestetner Duplicator

Gestetner Duplicator

Century In-Circuit Condenser Tester

Century In-Circuit Condenser Tester

Gestetner Neo-Cyclostyle Duplicator

Gestetner Neo-Cyclostyle Manual Duplicator (1880s)

HP AC Power Supply

HP Variable AC Power Supply

Canon PC 20 Copier

Canon PC-20 (1982)

Original HP LaserJet

The Original HP LaserJet (1985)

Sonora Baby Grande Phonograph

Sonora 'Baby Grande' Phonograph (1917)

Underwood No 5 Typewriter

Underwood No. 5 Typewriter

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